The most beautiful and spectacular settings of our parks specially for your event:

La Isla
Delight in a unique dining experience and be taken to the Mayan world through its conch shell shaped access. Venture through ancient caves, cross the crystal bridge over the river and find a spectacular restaurant surrounded by underground rivers.

Xcaret Wine Cellar
Where culture and history of Mexican wine converge in a unique underground location, enjoy this important emissary of Mexican wines with a select menu and pairings guided by our sommelier.

La Caleta
Enjoy a meal in paradise, admiring the sea from turtle’s pier. Seafood and Mexican delicacies, specially prepared for you and your group. Capacity in standard setup of the restaurant for 220 diners.

La Laguna
Under a wide palapa roof and framed by the majesty of Jaguar Island, you and your group will be pampered with an international buffet service. Capacity in standard setup for 500 people.

La Cocina / El Mexicano
Relax and delight in traditional Mexican cuisine in an authentic ranch. Dishes are cooked in front of you in this hacienda kitchen. Capacity in standard setup for 240 diners.

El Manglar
A gentle breeze and the incredible view of the Caribbean Sea are the attributes of this beautiful place. The Mangrove has a capacity in standard setup for 300 diners.

A beautiful setting of sand, palm trees and the majestic Caribbean Sea, offers an unparalleled location. Capacity for up to 900 people, banquet style with round tables.

Bar en las Rocas
It has a magnificent sea view to admire while you enjoy refreshing drinks with ambiance music. Capacity in standard setup for 80 people.

Dos Playas Beach
Excellent food with outdoor service on the beach. Capacity for up to 400 people banquet style on round tables.

Dos playas
It has stunning views of the beach and manatee lagoon. Capacity in standard setup of the restaurant for 250 diners.

Pre-Hispanic Ball Game esplanade
Perfect to celebrate a welcome cocktail, it has a convenient location with private access for groups; between the pre-Hispanic Ball Game and Mexican Cemetery. Capacity for up to 300 people in banquet style with round tables.

Museum terrace
Recommended for large groups, this location offers a majestic view of the park, located on the Plaza outdoor museum. Capacity for up to 1000 people in banquet style with round tables.

Escollera lookout
Delicious cocktails and dinner overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Capacity in standard setup for 40 people.

Mayan Village Fountain
Enigmatic location right next to the Mayan Village known for providing friendly service for small groups, where the sound of the water from the Stone Fountain is a constant reminder of our contact with nature.

La Península
Exquisite food while feeling the gentle caress of the sea breeze. Capacity in standard setup for 240 diners.

Open Theater
Special for those interested in conducting lectures and artistic presentations for private groups. Maximum capacity for up to 1700 people in the theater.

Gran Tlachco Theatre
For groups who wish to enjoy Xcaret México Espectacular in a private presentation, with the option of included dinner service. Maximum capacity for 6000 people in the theater.